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Abstract Requirements


  1. Poster and Abstract only in English. Article in Georgian, English or Russian(but resume only in English) 

  2. Page Layout Guideline for A4 paper size. Page Layout should be as follows: Top – 3 cm, Bottom – 3 cm, Left – 3 cm, Right – 3 cm.

  3. Maximum length for the abstract is approx. 500 words.

  4. Abstract should be Times New Roman typeface, single-spaced.

  5. Abstract should include: title; authors information (organization, city, country, present address, phones, and e-mail address/ addresses; keywords (max six); text;  references.

  6. The title of the abstract – 14 point, UPPERCASE, style Bold and centered..

  7. Author’s names – centered., type size 12 point, Upper and lower case, style Bold Italic.

  8. Information about the author – 10 point, Upper and lower case, style Italic, centered..

  9. Keywords – 10 point size, style Normal.

  10. Abstract text – 12 point.

  11. References in the text should be indicated by a number in square brackets, e.g. [1].

  12. Among other requirements, the maximum length of an article cannot exceed 10 pages

  13. For the poster session maximum size of poster shouldn’t exceed 85x55 cm

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